Battlebot Challenge

Posted on 02/09/2018
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Battlebot challenge
Watch Battlebot Challenge - Here

Students in Mr. Maloney's class built a battle bot that fit over the Sphero. The sphero is controlled by an app and rolls around. It will act as the engine for their battle bot. Students can use any materials to make their battle bot. The objective is to try and pop the balloon that is attached to their opponent's battle bot. The first one to pop the other’s balloon wins and advances further into the tournament. The 2 battle bots will face off in a square arena with a perimeter of plastic tubes. The arena will have an area of about 64 square feet. Each battle will last until a balloon is popped or if 3 minutes have passed. If no one pops a balloon, the battle bot that caused the most damage wins the tie breaker. If that is too close to call, there will be a stationary balloon placed in the arena. The first one to pop it wins.